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Levels 1-2

LEVELS 1-2 UV Tanning

Level 1 & 2 are beginning levels that are going to emit the most UVB rays that take the longest to see your color develop. These rays do not go as skin deep, so they also do not last as long on the skin. Level 1 is typically a 20-minute bed that offers the MOST UVB and very little UVA. Level 2 typically offers a bed or stand up option and gives you a bit less UVB and more UVA rays so you are able to see your color more quickly.

  • More UVB
  • Base Building
  • Results take time
  • Around 20-minute max time
  • Little UVA
  • Tan longevity is shorter
  • UV rays hit surface of the skin
  • Level 2 bed & standup options

Level 3

Level 3 Tanning
Level 3 is most comparable to the natural sun. Level 3 has a great mixture of UVA and UVB to give you the base tan you need, as well as the color you want. Level 3 is going to offer you more UVA and less UVB compared to levels 1 & 2 and gives you the best base tan. This is the perfect level for preparing for vacations or being outdoors.


  • Most similar to natural sun 
  • Good mix of UVA & UVB rays
  • Good base-building level
  • Less UVB than Levels 1-2
  • Good for vacation prep
  • Most natural color
  • Bed & Standup option
  • More UVA than Levels 1-2

Levels 4-5

Adobe Stock Tannin

Levels 4 & 5 are our high-pressure levels that offer the most UVA and the least amount of UVB. High-pressure lamps go the most skin-deep and give you the longest-lasting color on the skin. Tanning in a level 4 or 5 is the equivalent to tanning in a lower level anywhere from 2-3 times in 1 single session. Levels 4 and 5 offer you the deepest, darkest tan and the most color in one single session.

  • High-pressure levels
  • UV rays penetrate deeper in skin
  • Long-lasting color
  • Most UVA out of all levels
  • Beds & Standups
  • Darkest results
  • Equivalent to 2-3x in lower level
  • Least UVB out of all levels
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